My name is Jesse Robben.  I was born and raised in St. Louis, and have recently moved to Springfield, MO.  Artistically, I am a strong advocate of mixed media in its truest sense: hand drawn, photography, digital and typography are all fair game for any particular project.  Both professionally and as a hobby I have spent a lifetime drawing, designing logos, photographing anything from animals to concerts, and exploring any other creative outlet put in front of my curious nose.

I am seeking employment in the creative world here in Springfield.  I am willing to work full time or freelance, depending on the company or the project.  I have worked for seven years as an art director and color separator for a screen printer in Saint Louis, giving me professional experience as a designer and manager, as well as giving me knowledge of production methods and cost ranges.

This is not so much a blog as it is an online portfolio.  To contact me you may e-mail me at jwrobben702@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Jesse, Was just looking at your work and I think you’re really talented. I’m sure you’ll find work soon. Thanks for following my blog. Best wishes, Zainab

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